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Gum Contouring Hanover, MD

If you are considering restoring your smile with dental implants, it’s important to note that you should be in good overall oral health before the implant is placed. This ensures that the dental restoration you are investing in will truly be a permanent solution. Gum disease is a common dental concern that keeps many patients from pursuing dental implants.

Many patients believe their advanced gum disease will disqualify them for dental implant treatment. However, with the help of our Hanover, MD, periodontist, and general dentist, our team of dental professionals can help get your gum health back on track using laser dentistry and gum contouring solutions.

Gum Disease Treatment in Hanover Maryland

Gum Contouring in Hanover, MD

Gum contouring is a periodontal treatment Dr. Shalini Sethi and Dr. Sumitra Yalamanchili provide to new and existing patients. Whether you are looking to treat your advanced gum disease or you have a gummy smile and want to cosmetically reduce the appearance of your gums, our dentistry solutions can help you achieve your dream smile.

Gum contouring is also an option for patients after they have already had their dental implant placed. If your gums need to be shaped around the dental implant for a more seamless appearance, we can do this as well.

Elevate Dental Implant Center also helps patients with receding gums address this issue as a part of their dental implant treatment plan. If you do not have enough soft tissue to sustain a dental implant, gum grafting can be included as part of your treatment. Gum grafting can either happen before your surgery or during the same appointment. This process involves taking gum grafts either from your own mouth or a donor source and placing them at the site where the gum recession has occurred.

Gum Contouring FAQs

How long does gum contouring take to heal?

After gum contouring, patients usually rest for a day or two. After this they should feel capable of doing their day-to-day activities, however, full healing may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the extent of the procedure.

Is gum contouring permanent?

Gum contouring is permanent. Patients should be 100% sure of their decision before having gum contouring. Once the procedure is complete, it is not reversible. Gums do not grow back after contouring.

What should I eat after gum contouring?

It is recommended that patients avoid eating hard, spicy, and sugary foods after gum contouring. These foods can irritate and inflame gums causing sensitivity and potential for pain and a longer healing period.

Can I exercise after gum contouring?

After gum contouring it is recommended that patients rest for the remainder of the day. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 5 days following gum contouring to give yourself time to recover.

Is gum contouring harmful?

Gum contouring is not harmful. This procedure is entirely safe for patients. All gum contouring does is reduce some of the gum tissue showing. Results are immediate and no harm is caused.

How do you heal after gum contouring?

After gum contouring it is important to follow instructions given by your dentist. Being careful while brushing and flossing, avoiding chewing foods, and rest are the best ways to promote healing after contouring.

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