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Multiple Teeth ImplantsHanover MD

If you are missing several consecutive teeth, there are cost-effective solutions to your tooth replacement needs. At Elevate Dental Implant Center, we help patients missing multiple teeth by incorporating multiple teeth implants into their treatment plan.

With multiple teeth implants, our doctors will determine the minimum amount of implants needed to replace your missing teeth. Then, we will utilize dental bridge technology to help bridge the gap in your smile. Our implant-supported bridges allow patients to replace multiple teeth with as few dental implants as possible while still giving you the benefits that are associated with dental implants.

Multiple Teeth Implants in Hanover, MD

Traditional dental bridges are not supported by dental implants. Instead, they utilize the fully external support of your remaining natural teeth to hold the prosthetic tooth in place, cosmetically replacing your missing teeth. While this method of tooth replacement is useful in the short term, it does not offer the long-term benefits that many patients desire from their dental restoration.

At our Hanover, Maryland dentist office, we help patients effectively restore multiple missing teeth by incorporating dental implants into their treatment plan. Instead of relying on the external support of surrounding teeth, we will strategically place multiple dental implants which, once healed, will firmly support your dental bridge and replace multiple teeth.

Tooth Replacement Options in Hanover, Maryland

Why shouldn’t I replace all of my missing teeth with dental implants?

While this is certainly an option, many patients want to reduce the costs of their dental restoration services. Additionally, each dental implant requires a surgical procedure and appropriate healing times.

If you are missing several teeth, that is several implants that will need to be surgically implanted into your smile and allowed to fully heal before they are able to support the final restoration.

With multiple teeth implants, patients can rest assured that our doctors will minimize the number of dental implants necessary to help them restore their smile while also getting the benefits of implant dentistry.

Can you put 3 teeth on one implant?

Patients can put multiple teeth on one implant. One implant can hold up to three prosthetic teeth. We advise patients that if you have three missing teeth in a row, they should get a multiple teeth implant restoration. This lessens the amount of invasive surgery required.

How many implants can you have at once?

We usually recommend to keep the amount of implants a patient has to a needed minimum. This helps preserve jaw bone density. However, patients with implant-supported full arch dentures may need between 4 and 8 implants.

How long do implants last?

Implant screws generally are known to last a lifetime, however the crown or denture placed on top of the implant will only last about 10-15 years. Crowns and dentures can be replaced, but when this time comes you will not need to replace the implant screw.

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