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Sinus Lift Surgery Hanover MD

Elevate Dental Implant Center offers complete implant dentistry in Central Maryland, including dental surgical procedures for addressing common problems after tooth loss. A sinus lift is often recommended to establish a more stable foundation for placing dental implants. Also known as sinus augmentation, sinus lift surgery will improve the stability of your upper jaw.

Sinus lift surgery: what to expect

Sinus lift surgery is designed to create more space in the upper jaw and to strengthen existing bone tissue for the placement of a dental implant in Hanover. To accomplish this, we will effectively “lift” the sinus area that is in the back of the mouth above your molars and support it by grafting new bone tissue where needed. Bone tissue may be taken from a patient’s healthy existing jaw bone or we may graft a biocompatible product.

The sinus lift procedure will expose the bone beneath the gums in the back of the mouth, where teeth were lost. A small incision is made to enable us to remove a small portion of bone tissue that will be pushed higher into the sinus area, creating more space and support for the future implant.

Before closing with a few sutures, a portion of bone is placed into the new cavity, adding to existing bone and completing the “lift”.

Sinus Lift FAQs

What type of bone is used in a sinus lift?

The additional bone tissue needed for a sinus lift can come from the patient or a donor. In some cases, cow bone is used. We will discuss this aspect of your treatment during your consultation when your dentist determines if you have enough healthy bone that can be used.

Is a sinus lift painful?

We offer dental sedation options to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable during the sinus lift procedure. These will be discussed along with your medical history and treatment goals during your initial consultation.

How long is the healing period after a sinus lift?

The healing period after a sinus lift can range from several weeks to several months, depending on your oral health condition and the type of implants being placed. It is important to allow for complete healing in order to enjoy a lasting, stable result.