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Why Try a Water Flosser?

You likely already know that flossing is an important step in your oral hygiene regimen. Our mouths contain natural bacteria that create a film of plaque throughout your day. Plaque and excess bacteria can erode your dental structure over time, so you must remove them in a timely fashion with regular oral hygiene habits.

Brushing your teeth alone will not scrub away the build-up between your teeth. So you need to floss daily to completely clean your smile and prevent oral health problems. Traditional string floss is an effective way to get your smile clean.

But modern dentistry has introduced new flossing tools that can enhance your oral hygiene regimen. A water flosser, for instance, refers to a device that generates a stream of water from its tip that you aim between the teeth to clear away harmful build-up.

Many dental patients can see improved protection from their smiles with this tool. Read on to learn about the oral health benefits you can experience if you use a water flosser during your oral hygiene routine.

Why Try a Water Flosser

Comparing Traditional Flossing and a Water Flosser

With proper technique, traditional string floss will scrub away plaque build-up as well as lingering food particles between your teeth. A water flosser can do the same thing. You will need to navigate the flosser with as much care as string floss, aiming it between the teeth.

The water flosser has the added benefit of cleaning other areas of your mouth with this care as well, including near the gumline. This can elevate your oral cleanliness and therefore better fight potential dental concerns.

It also comes with different tips that you can switch out according to your needs. A standard tip will offer a high-quality flossing experience. But you can also use a specific tip designed to clean around dental implants and other fixed oral appliances or to clean deep in the gum pockets. This fine-tuned attention to detail can offer a more personalized experience that will suit your unique oral health needs.

Tips for Maximum Benefits from Your Water Flosser

To ensure you get the maximum benefits from a water flosser, you will want to make sure you use it correctly. The device comes with several settings so that you can adjust the pressure of the water it generates.

Start with the lowest setting so that you can get used to the feeling of the device. Then adjust the pressure according to your comfort levels.

As with traditional floss, you must move your water flosser with purpose to thoroughly clean your smile. Start with the back of your mouth and work your forward. Make sure you aim the water stream between each of your teeth on the top and bottom arches. It may help to use the flosser in front of a mirror so that you can see where you spray the device.

This device can get messy if you are not careful. Avoid creating puddles by keeping the tip of the flosser between your lips. Use the device over the sink, leaning over it so that you can allow the used water to flow straight into the basin. If you have questions about how a water flosser can help your unique smile, give your dentist a call.