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Sedation Dentistry Hanover, MD

Your comfort is important to us at Elevate Dental Implant Center. We know that many patients avoid pursuing their necessary dental procedures because they experience dental anxiety and fear of the dentist. Our compassionate team of dental professionals is here for you when you need us the most.

We will do everything we can to keep you comfortable and calm throughout the entirety of your appointment with us. Rest assured that when you visit our dental office in Hanover, MD, you will be greeted with a smile and seen promptly at your appointment time.

For our most anxious patients, we are happy to provide sedation dentistry options that are a safe and reliable solution to ensuring you remain calm and comfortable in the dental chair. Dental anxiety is very common, but we can help prevent it with dental sedation. If you have dental anxiety or are afraid of the dentist do not fret. If you communicate this with our staff we will do everything we can to make your appointments as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Sedation Dentistry in Hanover, MD

Our dental professionals have the training to safely provide nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia as your sedation dentistry options in Hanover, MD. These methods all come with varying levels of consciousness throughout the duration of your appointment.

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Understanding the differences in these sedation options can help you better understand what to expect at your upcoming appointment. If you are interested in any of our sedation dentistry options, mention this to your doctor during your dental exam.

Nitrous Oxide

This sedation dentistry option is commonly known as laughing gas. It is administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. The mask remains on your nose throughout the duration of your appointment, providing you with a mild sedative that keeps you conscious and aware of your surroundings while still calmer and more comfortable than you would be on your own. Most patients describe the experience of laughing gas as being in a dream-like state. Once the mask is removed, the effects of the gas will quickly go away.

Oral Sedation

This sedative option is given to patients in pill form. The pill can be taken before the dental appointment even begins so that the effects of the sedative have already begun to take place before we start your procedure. This is a great option for patients with dental anxiety, as the pill will help to calm your nerves before even entering our office. Patients may remain conscious with oral sedation; however, most are so relaxed that they begin to fall asleep. With oral sedation, you will need someone to come with you for your appointment to assist you and drive you home afterward.

IV Sedation

This sedative option is administered intravenously during your implant procedure and can be customized to provide the ideal level of sedation for any patient. The effects of this sedative option will make patients drowsy and relaxed during surgery. We monitor you throughout the entire procedure to ensure you respond well and have the optimal sedation level. Before receiving IV sedation it is important that patients do not eat for at least 8 hours prior to their procedure. Drinking water is fine up until 4 hours prior. It is crucial that your stomach is empty before we administer IV sedation.

General Anesthesia

This sedative option is medically induced unconsciousness. It is safe for most patients and can guarantee that you will be asleep during the entire procedure, leaving you with little to no memory of it. Usually, this is only done in the most intensive surgeries and procedures. With general anesthesia, it is also crucial that your stomach is empty prior to your appointment. We advise that patients refrain from eating any food for 8 hours prior to their appointment, and stop drinking water 4 hours prior.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows you to experience the dental implant procedure free from pain, discomfort, or anxiety. It also allows us to provide you with an efficient and predictable procedure from start to finish. Sedation is ideal, especially when it comes to intensive procedures or if you need to get multiple treatments done in one session. It’s easier for both you and the dentist when you’re relaxed and aren’t shifting around while getting work done.

Our doctors are trained in administering and monitoring all levels of anesthesia. We will gladly go over your sedation dentistry options during your upcoming appointment. Each person is different and responds differently to sedation options. With your consultation, we can ensure that you’re getting the perfect sedation option for you. Please schedule a consultation online, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

How long after sedation can I eat?

We advise you to wait until the sedation wears off to eat. Patients should refrain from eating 6 hours before the procedure and be sure not to drink anything 2 hours before. It is important that your stomach is empty for the sedation to work.

What are the risks of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can cause drowsiness, dry mouth, and loss of memory during the procedure. These effects usually wear off a few hours after the procedure.

Does oral sedation make you loopy?

Oral sedation can make people feel loopy, but more often, it makes patients feel relaxed and calm. The goal of sedation is to remove any anxiety and stress before a procedure.

What should you not do before being sedated?

Before being sedated, patients should be sure not to drink or eat before their appointment. Patients should also be sure to dress comfortably.

Will I feel any pain with dental sedation?

Patients should not feel any pain while sedated. Dental sedation aims to give patients a pain-free and comfortable dental experience.

What do you do after sedation dentistry?

We recommend rest for the day after having sedation at the dental office. If prescribed medicine, patients should take it on time and on a schedule. Patients should also drink water and eat foods that they are comfortable chewing.

How long does it take for sedation dentistry to wear off?

The full effects of dental sedation should definitely wear off after 24 hours. You may start to feel the effects wear off after 6-8 hours, but we recommend waiting for 24 to ensure any sedation has left your system. 

Is laughing gas conscious sedation?

It is safe and effective for both adults and children to use nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” as sedation to help patients relax and alleviate dental anxiety. With this type of sedation, you are conscious during the entire procedure. However, you will not feel any pain.