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Gum Disease Affects Smile Aesthetics

More than half of American adults will suffer from gum disease in their lifetimes. This infection of the gum tissue will eat away at the gums and then advance to damage the teeth and jawbone. This extensive structural harm can translate into cosmetic issues in your smile.

Even when your dentist treats this infection, problems with your smile’s appearance might remain. You can discuss treatment to fix these issues when you schedule a dental consultation.

Feel more confident in a cosmetic dental treatment plan when you understand potential issues your smile might sustain due to gum disease. Read on to learn about three smile aesthetic concerns that can develop when you contract gum disease.

Gum Disease Affects Smile Aesthetics

Swollen Gum Tissue

When bacteria infect the gum tissue, you can notice a number of uncomfortable symptoms. The infection can create inflammation which may result in a red and puffy appearance in the gums.

In many cases, this swelling and discoloration will go away when the dentist treats the gum disease. Periodontal therapy will involve thoroughly cleaning the teeth, especially in tricky spots like the gumline. This gets rid of the excess bacteria that cause these symptoms.

If puffy gums persist after this treatment, you might need more targeted antibacterial treatments. Visit your dentist to alleviate unpleasant sensations and appearances related to this gum infection.

Receding Gums

As gum disease progresses, it can destroy tissue in the gums. This may lead to the loss of this tissue, making the gums recede from your teeth. Not only will this disrupt the look of your smile. But receding gums can expose tooth enamel which may leave you with tooth sensitivity and other discomforts.

In order to rebuild the structure in the gums, you might need to undergo a contouring process or a gum graft. With this oral surgery, a dentist can add tissue from elsewhere in the mouth to the gums.

This restores the full appearance of the gums. Then you can feel proud of the way they appear in your smile once again. Learn more by scheduling a dental evaluation with a specialist.

Missing Teeth

Advanced gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults. Bacteria can reach the tooth root and jaw and destroy these parts of the mouth. This may cause the tooth to fall out or require extraction to stop the spread of infection.

Missing teeth will mean there are gaps in your smile. This will interrupt the full look of your smile, which can make you self-conscious enough to suffer a major blow to your overall confidence.

A dentist can find a durable tooth replacement solution for your smile when they evaluate your dental health. Dental implants can provide comprehensive benefits that will look beautiful with custom dental prosthetics.

This treatment will also prevent further oral health concerns from occurring in the wake of tooth loss. Discover your eligibility for implant dentistry by calling your dentist today. You might need other restorative treatments before you can qualify for these fixtures.