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Recovery Expectations with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most comprehensive and effective way to restore your smile after tooth loss. Though the advantages of implant dentistry seem clear, some patients may worry about recovering from this multi-step oral surgery. They wonder if the lengthy process and invasive procedure will be worth it.

Focusing on the long-term restorative benefits of this treatment can help you feel confident as you undergo this dental work. But you may also feel more at ease when you know what to expect during the healing process. Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions regarding the aftermath of the dental implant procedure.

full mouth restoration with implant dentistry

How Long Does It Take to Complete Implant Dentistry?

You will not see instant results when you pursue implant dentistry. This process will involve three or more appointments with your dentist over the course of several months.

You will first attend an initial consult with your dentist to confirm your eligibility for this treatment and make sure you know what to expect. Then you will have oral surgery where the dentist will place the anchors of your implants into your jaw. You will need a few months for these surgical sites to heal and for the anchors to fuse with the jawbone.

After this, you will return to your dentist’s office to receive your prosthetic teeth. These secure to abutments at the gumline that attach to the anchors. These dental fixtures can last a lifetime, but you should continue seeing your dentist for check-ups.

Does the Dental Implant Process Hurt?

Many people worry that the surgery and recovery process will involve pain. This apprehension may even cause patients to want to avoid this dental procedure. You can feel at ease knowing that your dentist will prioritize your comfort during your treatment with dental implants.

You will receive an anesthetic to numb the affected area before your surgery. Your dentist can also give you sedation to medically induce relaxation during this procedure.

When you return home and the anesthetic wears off, you may feel sore. But your dentist will give you aftercare instructions to relieve discomfort during your recovery.

The placement procedure of the prosthetic teeth will not hurt. It may take some time to get used to the feeling of implants in your mouth, but they will not hurt you.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Dental Implants?

As mentioned, dental implants can remain in place for twenty years or longer if you take proper care of your smile. The secure fit allows you to perform oral functions normally again. You do not have to worry about a device slipping out of place at an inopportune moment. This tooth replacement solution will also help you stop further dental harm from occurring to your smile due to missing teeth.

You can also feel confident in the look of your smile. The custom prosthetics will give you a natural-looking and gorgeous finish, filling gaps in your smile. Heightened self-esteem will allow you to exude confidence in other aspects of your life too.