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Can I Fix a Gummy Smile?

When you look in the mirror, do your gums show distinctly when you smile? Some people feel self-conscious about their appearance if their gums seem to steal the show of their smile from their teeth. If this effect bothers you, you can talk to your dentist to resolve the issue and achieve your smile aesthetic goals.

A periodontal specialist and oral surgeon can reduce this gummy effect through targeted laser dentistry treatments. Read on to learn more about dental solutions that can enhance your smile by contouring your gums.

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Why Treat a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is usually defined by the visibility of 4 mm or more gum tissue when smiling. This condition does not necessarily signify an underlying oral health issue, nor does it put your smile at risk of dental dangers.

The issue is cosmetic, which means people worry about the way this condition makes their smile appear. In many cases, a gummy smile occurs due to genetics, such as the positioning of the upper lip or the size of the teeth.

But a gummy smile may also develop if gums grow further over the teeth. This may happen as a side effect of certain medications or due to poor oral habits. Your dentist can determine the cause and provide treatment accordingly if you wish. You can feel more confident in the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dental treatment.

What Treatment Can Reduce the Appearance of Gums?

The treatment to reduce the appearance of gums when you smile may vary depending on the cause. Many patients can expect a resolution with gum contouring.

In this procedure, a dentist can use a specified laser to reshape the gums or remove excess tissue. The laser technology allows for more precision for the dentist as well as minimal invasiveness in the mouth. You can easily achieve your smile aesthetic goals with a treatment like this without worrying about lasting harm to your oral health.

What Recovery Can I Anticipate After Gum Contouring?

Many dental patients worry that a dental surgery like gum contouring will disrupt their busy schedule. Though you may need to take it easy for the next day or two, the procedure is not considered invasive and will not require an extensive recovery period.

You can eat following this treatment. But dentists suggest steering clear of spicy, hard-textured, and sugary or acidic foods for a few days. These food items may irritate the gums and elongate your healing process.

You can complete your normal activities after a day of rest following this procedure. But pay attention to your body. Do not strain yourself and allow your gums and the rest of your body to heal as needed.

Follow aftercare guidelines from your dentist to make sure your healing goes as planned and without disruption. This treatment will give you permanent results, so you will not have to worry about impacting your cosmetic dental work.