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Know the Implant Dentistry Process

Missing teeth can cause damage to your jaw and remaining teeth if left untreated. You can find permanent tooth replacement treatment and avoid these complications with dental implants.

Though some patients may feel nervous about upcoming dental work, they may find comfort in knowing what to expect throughout each step of the implant process. Elevate Dental Implant Center, a dental practice located in Hanover, MD, outlines the treatment you can expect from implant dentistry.

dental implant procedure in Hanover Maryland

Teeth Preparation

When you consult your dentist about tooth replacement, they will evaluate your dental health and your jaw strength to see if you can support dental implants. They can treat underlying dental issues like cavities or gum disease before proceeding with the implant procedure.

X-ray imaging can help dentists determine if too much jawbone has deteriorated due to tooth loss. In some cases, a dentist can perform a bone graft to create more stability in the jaw so that it can successfully receive the titanium post surgically placed into the bone.

Oral Surgery

With healthy gums and jawbone, your dentist can schedule oral surgery to place your dental implant. The type of implant you receive may vary depending on whether you hope to replace one, several, or an entire arch of teeth.

The first surgery involves placing one or more titanium posts into the jaw which will serve to secure the tooth replacement in place. Your dentist can put a temporary crown over the post while you recover from this procedure. The final step in the process will occur once the implant heals.

Final Crown Placement

When the implant surgical sites have healed, you will return to the dentist to receive your final tooth prosthetic. For single implants, your dentist will secure a crown to an abutment over the gumline attached to the post.

You may receive a dental bridge or dentures if you intend to replace more than one tooth. Dental implants can provide permanent enhancement to the appearance, structure, and function of your smile. You can return to your normal oral capabilities, but ask your dentist about specific aftercare guidelines.

Implant Dentistry Experts Located in Hanover, MD

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