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Secure Your Future Smile with Implant Dentures

Do you have a full arch or a full set of missing teeth? Do you currently have a poorly fitted denture that slips?

Elevate Dental Implant Center has solutions for these and other concerns related to tooth loss. Our team has experience and expertise in implant dentistry and can restore your smile with the most stable and naturally functioning options. Dental implants have many benefits for patients and can be used effectively to secure a denture for a new smile. Our goal is to make the implant process as convenient, comfortable, and successful as possible.

Why Choose Implant Dentures?

The use of dental implants to secure a denture can give you back your best quality of life when compared to traditional removable dentures. Implant secured dentures will feel, fit and function like natural teeth. Dr. Sethi and our dental care team will use advanced digital technology to evaluate the condition of your smile, using these images to choose the strategic placement of implants for the best result.

We will perform all aspects of your implant procedure in our Hanover dentist office- there is no need to go to different specialists for imaging, surgical placement, and other possible needs. This offers a consistency of care throughout the entire process and patients find they feel relaxed and comfortable in a familiar setting, tended to by our caring staff.

In addition to a new smile that is stable and permanent an implant-supported denture also stabilizes and can even improve your oral health. The implants are placed into healthy jaw bone and will reduce continuing loss of bone in the jaw, a common occurrence after tooth loss that can lead to a more aged appearance. With implants in place, your new smile will not slip and irritate the gums, helping to maintain their health and stability over time.

Implant dentures are designed for you and customized to your natural bite. The result is a new set of teeth that give you the ability to eat and speak confidently and with natural chewing forces. Patients who have been without teeth or suffering from a slipping denture often find this to be life-changing, allowing them to resume enjoying foods they could not manage for some time.

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